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MNDFL Breath

Learn to focus on your breathing, a meditation technique which allows you to be more calm and present in your day-to-day life. MNDFL's signature meditation class, this practice grounds you in the here and now like a cold shower on a hot summer day.

MNDFL Intentions

Learn how to start and end your day with an intention specific to you, based on what you are personally encountering in your life. A guided contemplation session meant to get you off to a great start.

MNDFL Emotions

Emotions are thoughts with a lot of energy behind them. In this class, we learn to work with that energy, seeing those emotions not as good or bad, but simply a part of who we are. 


Connect with your own tender heart. This class encompasses loving-kindness practices and ways to become more compassionate and empathetic towards yourself and others. 



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Our live MNDFL Now classes are taught by highly experienced meditation teachers with strong personal practices.

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