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Our classes are 30 minutes and are thematic. Since you know you best, you can choose what would be most helpful for your day!



Each of our classes are taught by certified expert teachers in a variety of meditation traditions. They're always here for you to support your practice.

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MNDFL is a global community of expert teachers and dedicated practitioners who are all about spreading goodness. Since its inception, MNDFL has been at the forefront of the modern mindfulness movement, providing meditation experiences and relevant mindfulness content for the modern human. Here on MNDFL Now, join our instructors for 3 live classes every week. With MNDFL On Demand, access 100+ pre-recorded meditations anytime via the site or app.

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       Our Teachers

David Perrin

David is a meditation mentor and friend to students, trainees, and fellow instructors. Collaborator, syncretist, facilitator of circle in its myriad forms, David articulates the multiplicity of meaning encompassed by a modern practice of mindfulness. As creative arts therapist, social venture business co-owner, philanthropist, partner, and father, David is passionate about infusing all locations with the ‘mindfulness 3.0’ of our time. Director of MNDFL Teacher Training, original Head Teacher of MNDFL Greenwich Village, and co-founder of MNDFL Ed. school-based program, David co-created the MNDFL Training with Reverend angel Kyodo Williams. Mindfulness beyond binary, celebrating multiplicity and intersectionality, imbued with justice and anti-oppression is the mindfulness for all of us.

Marisa Viola

Marisa is based in Woodstock, New York. She has been practicing since 2008, and has taken Refuge and Boddhisattva vows in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition with Venerable Robina Courtin. She has studied with Venerable Thich Nhat Hahn and many great teachers of various lineages. She completed her Teacher Training with Ethan Nichtern in 2012. Marisa has taught in hospitals, prisons, nonprofits, small businesses and major corporations.She has led sits and panel discussions for the LGBTQI+ community, taught in the MNDFL Teacher Training, mentored aspiring teachers, and works one-on-one, including with children. With a background in theater and film,  she is interested in exploring the creative aspects of engaging with both the self and the world.

Carlos Alberto

Carlos has 20+ years of meditation experience. Since receiving MNDFL teacher certification in 2016, he offers meditation at MNDFL and other wellness studios, corporations and nonprofits. He has travelled every borough of NYC to work with public school students & teachers, and is presently working with universities. He owns and manages his own online meditation platform and has produced an 8-part meditation video series for over a dozen prisons.  For Carlos, consciousness is a worthy choice to integrate in all areas of life, with the hopes to touch, move and inspire others to do the same.